Medical Services:

Acne Treatment:
Glycolic peels, Micro dermabrasion, Beta lift peels, acne surgery

Laser Treatment:
Ulcerated cavernous hemangiomas, pyogenic granulomas, telanglectasias, cherry angiomas, capillary hemangionomas, keloids, hypertropic scars, warts, rosacea
Vascular laser surgery: Hemangiomas & portwine stains.

Exicmer laser: Vitiligo and psoriasis
Ultrapulse CO2 Laser: Epidermal nevi and other lesions removal

UVB Light Treatment and Phototherapy:
Eczema, some vitiligo, psoriasis

Intralesional corticosteroid treatment:
Acne cysts, alopecia areata, keloids

Patch testing:
Allergic contact dermatitis

Operating Room Services at Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Excision of Congenital Nevi, Cysts, Portwine Stains, Hemangiomas, and more.


In-patient treatment for more serious skin conditions